Half Day Diet Review - Comprehensive Guide To Lose Weight Naturally!!

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In order to retain the muscle mass when reducing Half Day Diet Review weight we need to incorporate a strength training for weight loss regime. If a diet is undertaken that is basically a starvation type diet our body will move into starvation mode and utilise the glycogen that has been stored to obtain the required energy. This in the main causes the loss of sugars and water from your body, this is not fat loss.


So just to reiterate, weight loss is not what we are after but body fat loss is. We need to get away from our fascination with the bathroom scales and look at objective ways to measure body fat instead.


Not many people own a set of calipers but they are not expensive and this is a worthwhile investment. These measure the fat layer at specific, and repeatable points on the body. There are charts that will show the best places to take these measurements and they are different for men and women who typically store fat in different places on their body.


In conclusion, a strength training for weight loss program will assist in the goal of reducing body fat while utilizing the muscles we already have to produce a lean body with enough muscle to burn the calories we take in each day.




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