\r\nLow Level Laser Treatment For Muscle Pain

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 LLLT is the application of red and near infra-red light Back Pain Sos Review over injuries to improve wound healing and give relief to acute and chronic pain. In recent years, LLLT has been widely accepted in the medical industry as a form of treating muscle pain. Many of those who suffer from constant and chronic muscle pain will often go to a massage therapist to release the pain, take handfuls of pain killers to ease their pain, or even visit their general practitioner to learn about ways to soothe their tenderness. Here are some ways that low level laser treatments are aiding in muscle pain.


Neck and shoulder pain is a common muscle ailment that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Low level laser companies have conducted trials and have concluded that LLLT results have proven to encourage pain reduction and have shown an increase in muscle strength and range of motion for patients with chronic pain due to conditions of osteoarthritis, cervical or thoracic spine strain, and muscle spasms. Muscle pain and tenderness is also related to liposuction and those who undergo the surgery will often complain about the pain up to several weeks after the procedure. LLLT has been used in the operating room to aid in the reduction of pain associated with surgeries, such as liposuction and also promotes nerve regeneration following the procedure.


Clinical trials are currently underway to assist those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome by applying low level lasers to the wrist area. The trial is still awaiting implementation and many industry professionals are hoping that low level lasers will relieve pain for the millions of people who suffer from this disorder. https://dietsdiary.com/back-pain-sos-review/


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