What Causes Systemic Yeast Infections What Are The Treatment Options?

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Vaginal yeast infection is the most common disease  The Menopause Myth Review caused by the yeast fungus. Candida albicans spread quickly inside the body of humans and change from a manageable state to an aggressive form entering the intestinal linings.


They even cause the extremities between the circulatory system and the intestine to break down. When this happens, foreign matters such as irritants, systemic allergens and poison can easily find their way into the bloodstream. Sugar cravings, poor concentration, mood swings can be regarded as the symptoms of systemic yeast infections.


Restricting sugar rich foods can help to prevent yeast infections. Avoiding such foods will keep Candida albicans in balance and inhibit their growth. The important foods to consider avoiding include maple syrup, corn, honey, rice and molasses.


Alcohol should completely be removed from diet if major symptoms are experienced. You should also avoid foods containing yeast such as bread, pastries, rolls, bagels, vinegar and wine. These foods are most likely to cause yeast infections. 




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