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The segment of our society who probably  The Light Code Review couldn't agree more with this assertion would be the youth of today. They are bombarded with the idea and/or notion of having money means being successful. You will be hard pressed to watch a music video today and not see the pretty cars, big jewelry, flashy clothes, etc.


These images are long lasting and oftentimes damaging to the conscious and sub-conscious minds of the youth. It is almost as if the youth, especially the urban youth who are faced with poverty issues are consumed with getting paid. While I am not trying to suggest all urban youth are impoverished, or that all suburban youth are affluent, I am saying far too many youth living in the inner cities across this nation are faced with what oftentimes seems like insurmountable challenges.


Sadly, these challenges have the tendency to bring out the worst in some. Of course there will be those who will argue otherwise and say stop blaming society for one's ill advised actions and behaviors. I am only trying to make a point. My point is oftentimes success, regardless of how it is described, has a way of eluding thousands or I should say millions of today's youth.'


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