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The only kind of pest management is prevention. If you'll be able to grow your garden in such a approach that the chance of pest attack is minimized, then use of repellents that usually come back underneath the organic pest management class will be kept as a final resort. By planting these plants along, you're primarily empowering the garden with its own natural defence system to urge rid of the pests. There are sure types of plants that have their own natural defence system against pests. Pests Reject These plants will be useful additions in your garden as they provide organic garden pest control measures.


As part of organic garden pest management, you must make sure of the soil within the garden and build positive it stays fertile and healthy all year long. You'll do that by operating on your garden all year long by adding compost and rearranging your plants. You must build positive that each one the planting is completed when conditions aren't conducive for the expansion of pests. Another useful strategy is to permit the expansion of bugs that eat pests in your garden. This is where the employment of chemicals will be disadvantageous as the bugs that are useful can also get killed.


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