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Modern software and educational research significantly enhance the way that people obtain higher education. Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative is an online educational system that serves independent learners and traditional academic institutions. A product of in-depth research and didactic experimentation, the Open Learning Initiative's features include self-assessments, course objectives and practice activities that promote meta-cognition and autonomy.

What Makes the Open Learning Initiative Different From Other Online Courses?

Open Learning Software takes a community approach to course development; its courses are in constant review and modification by peers in the educational community. As a result, the program's coursework for write an essay for me is continually up-to-date and constantly improving. Open Learning Software has assessments and activities evenly distributed throughout the course content. This immediate practice and implementation fosters a better grasp of the material. Moreover, this software helps students keep track of their own progress by providing continual feedback. Thus, learners correct themselves and take the initiative in clarifying what they do not understand.

Who Has Access to the Open Learning Initiative?

The Open Learning Initiative is easily accessible to learners regardless of age, location or financial status. As an independent learner or individual unaffiliated with any university, you have free access to Open Learning Initiative courses. You pay a minor fee for participation if you are a registered student at an accredited college or university. Open Learning Initiative subjects include courses in logic, foreign languages, statistics and biology.

How Does the Open Learning Initiative Complement Classroom Instruction?

The Open Learning Initiative is an excellent tool for educators. The software is particularly useful as a complement to traditional courses with limited in-class instruction. It provides teachers with a number of tools that allow them to monitor students' performance and overall comprehension of the subject matter. The Open Learning Initiative system collects students' scores on activities and assessments and reports to instructors both individual performance and classroom averages.

How Does the Open Learning Initiative Promote Educational Development?

The Open Learning Initiative collects data about student comprehension and achievement. Educators across the country have access to this information for the development of curricula and programs. Educational researchers use the Open Learning Initiative to conduct learning experiments that add to existing literature.

The Open Learning Initiative uses a unique, evidence-based design to promote meta-cognition and autonomous learning. Instructors benefit from the software, which provides great insight into student comprehension. Collected data leads to the furtherance of learning science.


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